The Kentucky Arabian Riders & Breeders Society (KARABS) was established as an
Arabian Horse Association Region 14 affiliate club in 1983.  The object and purpose
of KARABS is to aid and encourage the breeding, exhibiting, use and perpetuation of
Arabian Horses, to formulate publicity and educational programs and other activities
in the interest of Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts in the Kentucky area, and to
promote and encourage and stimulate popular interest in the outstanding using
qualities of the Arabian horse.

KARABS members come from across the United States but the majority resides in the
Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana region.  Most of the
clubs activities take place in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.  Those activities
include general membership meetings, the annual awards banquet, and the Animal
Psychic event.  The club’s horse show, the Medallion, is a 2-day, 2-Region (13 & 14)
qualifying show held in June.  This year a fall trail ride and cookout is planned.  Other
member benefits include subscriptions to the Arabian News.

Programs:  KARABS offers both a High Point Awards program for those members who
show their horses and a Recreational Rider Program open to all amateurs who just
enjoy time spent riding their horses.

The Medallion:  This year the club’s show, The Medallion, will be held at Roberts
Arena in Wilmington, OH in June.  Sport Horse classes will be held on Saturday, and
the class line up for Sunday will include National Show Horse classes.  

Kentucky Arabian Riders And Breeders Society